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There are several activities that involve pulling: sledding, scootering, carting, and weight pull.

One of the original functions of Samoyeds were to pull sleds. A good sled dog has excellent movement and temperament, while being in the best of health. With these three qualities, they can cover longer distances with less work.

No snow in your area (or this season)? You can use virtually anything with wheels, including scooters, carts, wagons, and mountain bikes.

Not enough dogs for a full team? You can skijor (the dogs pull you while you glide along on cross country skis) or use a lightweight sled.

In weight pulling, dog compete to see who can pull the most weight (within their class) in the least amount of time. Weight pulls happen in the summer and the winter, on snow or on pavement, using a sled or a cart. The dog only pulls what it is able to pull. Since the International Weight Pull Association was formed in 1984, no dog has been hurt in competition.