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Category: Start / Clubs

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Alaska Kennel Club  Popular

The Alaska Kennel Club provides education and information to assist you in becoming a knowledgeable puppy buyer and owner.
Added on: 01-Mar-2004 | hits: 3677
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American Kennel Club  Popular

The American Kennel Club, a not-for-profit organization established in 1884, maintains a purebred dog registry, sanctions dog events and promotes responsible dog ownership.
Added on: 01-Mar-2004 | hits: 2739
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Cook Inlet Kennel Club  Popular

Cook Inlet Kennel Club is dedicated to the sanctioning of events for the purebred dog, with the accreditation of the American Kennel Club.
Added on: 01-Mar-2004 | hits: 2584
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Denver Samoyed Association  Popular

The Denver Samoyed Association is an organization of Samoyed fanciers in the Colorado front range area.
Added on: 01-Mar-2004 | hits: 3330
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Kenai Kennel Club  Popular

The Kenai Kennel Club was formed in April 1970 by a group of people who had a great deal of love for dogs. Our primary objective is for the education of the public for the betterment of purebred dogs.
Added on: 01-Mar-2004 | hits: 3377
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Samoyed Club of America  Popular

The Samoyed Club of America, Inc. (SCA) is a 1600 member strong national organization of Samoyed owners, breeders and exhibitors, dedicated to preserving, protecting and advancing the interests of the breed. Chartered on February 14, 1923, it adopted the first official American standard for the breed. The club was accepted for AKC membership on May 15, 1923.
Added on: 01-Mar-2004 | hits: 2401
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Tanana Velley Kennel Club  Popular

The Tanana Valley Kennel Club is an all breed kennel club, located in the Fairbanks, Alaska region.
Added on: 01-Mar-2004 | hits: 4423
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Samoyed Club of Austin  Popular

The Samoyed Club of Austin is an organization of Samoyed fanciers in central Texas.
Added on: 12-Oct-2004 | hits: 2633
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