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Calico has joined us from Fairbanks, Alaska. Calico was whelped on April 28, 1997. Her sire is Ch. Wolf River Arkko of Hyborea and her dam is Ch. Orkdomain's Siren of Seamist. She is co-owned with Gayl Jokiel.

In the summer of 2002, Calico was bred to Ch. Wolf River's Iron Will and whelped a beautiful litter of five girls and three boys. Several have earned titles, majors and other honors in the show ring, and are enjoying hiking and harness work.

Calico's personality and temperament make her a wonderful addition to the house. She has the energy and cunning to play all day with Max, and she is a superb cuddler who will remind you if you accidentally stop petting her. When humans are watching, she is above puppy games and other playful antics, but as soon as the eyes are off of her, she gives Max a run for his money. Her favorite pastime is chasing Max down in the yard and yanking on his tail.

Sadly, Calico passed away on October 3, 2004. Two weeks earlier, she began suffering from a tissue lesion in her brain that affected her central nervous system. Forever in the hearts of those who loved her, she will be missed by many people... Goodbye my sweet girl...


                    Ch. Sparrow Hill's Taakowah
            Ch. Wolf River's Siberian Taiga
                    Ch. Wolf River's Ruffian CD
Ch. Wolf River Arkko of Hyboraea
                    Ch. Wolf River's Star ROMC
            Ch. Wolf River's Kestrel
                    Ch. Seamist's Raven Of Wolf River ROMC

                    Ch. Sassillie's Merlyn of Vicrian ROMC
            Ch. Seamist's Spellbinder
                    Ch. Seamist's Lavender and Lace
Ch. Orkdomain's Siren of Seamist
                    BISS Ch. Wolf River's Drumlin ROMC
            Ch. Subarktika Kodiak Karluk
                    Ch. Polar Mist's Salcha Queen

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